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annotated golf club members.jpg


1   James Davidson Schoolmaster

2   James McKay. Chemist

3   Agnes Morgan,office worker

4   Jimmy Adam, teacher

5   Alec Henderson, Tailor

6   Robert Carr, retired farmer

7   Alec Henderson Jnr

8  Ethel Alardyce,  Sunshine Cafe

John Laing,  retired police inspector and Councillor

10  Raymond Leslie Builder

11  Raymond Leslie Jnr

12. Charles Begg

Torphins Golf Club members go to work restoring the golf course after the war


The Tommy Adams Band was popular in the village  and surroundings, and his accordion  was a prominent feature of Hogmanay in the  village. Pictured here with fiddler Allan Stewart and pianist Mary Smith (later Burnett)


Boys at "the dooker" around 1940

The Dooker was about half way along the Laundry dam, which formed the level stretch of the Beltie between Waulkmill bridge and the right hand bend which was the head of the dam for the Laundry, further down behind the Laundry Bridges. The bank of the burn was clear in those days because the field was cultivated to grow crops, so it was a great place to play and popular with locals and summer visitors.

Can you name any of the bathers?

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