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Torphins Recreations and the Gala Week

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At the end of the war, the village set out to  recapturing its vigour  from before the war, and to continue attracting holiday visitors from Aberdeen. A company limited by guarantee known as "Torphins Recreations" was formed  in 1947 with capital derived from benefactors augmented by fund raising events. The initiative was led by

J Downie Campbell Advocate  (Windrush)

Alex Smith, the local baker

Ronald MacDonald, the proprietor of the Learney Arms,

James Davidson, school headmaster,

William Kemp, the bank manager

They set out to raise funds for the local clubs-  Golf Club, Bowling Club, Tennis Club etc.  and were prominent in organising local events- sporting events, bridge competitions, dances and socials.  Their centrepiece was the Torphins Gala Week, held for the first time  the summer of 1947. and continuing into the early 1950's

The week-long event  began on Sunday with a special Church Service,  followed by a film show in  the Learney Arms. The Gala Queen  was  chosen at a  grand ball on Monday. Events were organised by the various clubs in the village through the week,  coming to climax on the following Saturday with Torphins Highland Games

Sadly there was a flaw in the legal structure of Torphins Recreations and it collapsed  when the benefactors were pursued for a personal tax liability arising out of the funds raised.


Torphins Gala Motorcade and Fancy Dress 1953

A special event was organised to celebrate the  Coronation in 1953


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Gala IMG_6952.jpg

Captain Kellas of Cockardie farm. Jack had built the boat around his Jaguar car.

Gala IMG_6942.jpg

Duncan McNab and Jack Kellas

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Gala IMG_6946.jpg
Gala IMG_6947.jpg
Gala IMG_6945.jpg
Gala IMG_6944.jpg
Gala IMG_6943.jpg
Gala IMG_6951.jpg

lan Stuart and Charlie Abel entering the Learney on the red carpet! You can just see the Church on the left .

Gala IMG_6941.jpg

Standing on the red carpet at the door of the Learney

Gala IMG_6953.jpg

Mrs Donald and Bill Taylor (Capins) at the station.

Gala IMG_6948.jpg

Alan Stuart and Charlie Abel with Sandy Duncan behind and May Philip on the right

Gala IMG_6949.jpg

Piped into the Learney Hotel Mrs Donald and Tommy Adams

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