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Leslie the Builders

The South Kirk  was  built in 1905 by the firm Anderson and Leslie of  Lumphanan and Tarland.

In the late Eighteen Hundreds, Mr Peter Raymond Leslie served his apprenticeship as a mason with Mr Ross of Alford . Subsequently he began Business in partnership with a Mr Anderson of Tarland.

Mr Leslie then moved to Torphins and for many years was a Builder in his own right. During that time, he developed an extensive Business and carried out many important granite contracts in practically every village in Upper Deeside.

Retiring from business he was succeeded by his only son Mr Peter Raymond Leslie Jnr. Carrying on from his father Mr Leslie Jnr was best known as one of Deeside’s Master Craftsman’s and was one of the last skilled Granite Mason’s over a wide area of Deeside and Donside.

When he retired from Business he passed it on to his only son, Raymond John Leslie and the Business was still known as “ P R Leslie “ Building Contractors ( Proprietor Raymond J Leslie )

He also ran a very successful business and, like his Father he built Council House Schemes, Schools, Private Work, Estate Work, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Nurses House and Clinics and many other contracts.

The Workforce of the business were people from the local area.

The Business closed down when Mr Raymond John Leslie retired. Three generations had served Deeside and Donside for just over one Hundred Years.                                                      



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