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Jim McKay was the  village pharmacist.

Originally from Huntly, he qualified as a pharmacist and Veterinary Chemist and set  up  a  shop  in the Square opposite the hotel. In 1926 he built the present chemist’s shop opposite the South Kirk.

He was responsible in getting the GPO to bring the telephone to the village. He had to get 10 people to agree to subscribe, and the manual exchange was installed in the front room of the house of Williamson’s Stores at the corner of the square.

He was a prime mover in the Golf Club and he ran the cafe in the original clubhouse. He was instrumental in negotiating for the golf club to become an 18 hole course by taking in fields on the other side of the Bog Road, but this fell with the onset of the war. He together with Mr Davidson and Mr Leslie were responsible for its restoration after the war.

He was in all respects an active force in the life of the village

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