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The Men's Club started after WW2, in the mid to late 40s.  There was no British Legion or similar organisation in Torphins for the 'men' and so the idea of a club was mooted. For the first 25 years of its life it was confined to the great and the good: the doctor , bank manager , minister and the headmaster plus other local business men , farmers and retired gentlemen of sufficient status. Membership was strictly by invitation and numbers were limited to something like 30. It ran every week between , say October to March and it continued in a very similar vein until  the mid 70s. As well as the weekly meetings with speakers, there was a Burns Night, Ladies' night and a visit. The meetings were fairly formal : collar , tie and jacket obligatory and the President introduced the speaker , there was a break for tea at half-time and a formal vote of thanks.

This continued for some time  but then the modern world began to impinge: social and demographic  changes meant falling numbers. Those in charge tried valiantly to stem the tide but the writing was on the wall. It was a benefit to many,  socially and in terms of making lasting friendships. It is looked back on it with affection.

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