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The School

Torphins Primary School

Built 1892, replacing the old Schoolhouse as  the place of learning

Torphins  School expanded  in 1918 to accommodate  junior Secondary as  well as primary

torphins school 1913.jpg
torphins secondary school 1972.jpg

School  Sports Day

School goes in procession to the public park, School led by Andrew Gauld the piper

School Parade (BW)(1).JPG
Sports Day Pleasure Park (BW)(1).JPG
Sports Parade (BW).JPG

School Football Team

Front row Ronnie Holden, Eric Burnett? Marshall Kemp, George McPetrie, Billy Gauld.

Back row Alec Henderson, ? , Edwin Donnie, ?, ?, ?

Does anyone recognise the missing names?

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